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Meet Melisa

Melisa Vicenty was born again before the age of ten at a movie theatre where "A Thief in the Night" was presented by an outreach ministry to win the lost, but her full surrender to Jesus Christ came at the age of 18. Not understanding the overwhelming leading of the Holy Spirit she began to experience, after a series of unusual events that steered her onto the path of Christianity, she walked into a Pentecostal Church in San Antonio, TX and life would never be the same. 


After graduating from RHEMA Bible Training College in 1999, her ministry journey took her to preach on radio, in Bible schools, and on platforms in the USA, Brazil, and Malta, where many received Jesus, were filled with the Holy Spirit, and experienced physical healing in their bodies. Melisa is obeying God's call on her life as a prophet, teaching others to "Know Him" and expanding her reach through the social media sphere to touch as many people as possible with the message of Salvation and Freedom through Jesus.


Rev. Melisa Vicenty is ordained through East Coast Believer's Church under the leadership of Pastors Norm and Dina Dubois. 

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